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Botox is a purified protein injected into the muscles that cause wrinkles. It relaxes the muscles, giving your face a more refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.


What is a Treatment like?

After a consult with our Nurse Injector to determine your desired outcome, the procedure itself takes only 10-15 minutes. A tiny amount of Botox Cosmetic is injected with a fine needle into the muscle being treated.


Will my face still show emotion and expression?

Botox Cosmetic is intended to enhance your look, not change it you can still smile, frown and be expressive.


How often will I need botox treatments?

Expect to come back 3 times a year. It is important to space out your treatment at least 90 days apart

*Ask us about our bruise insurance*

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See results within 24 hours of treatment. Simple and effective.


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