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Advanced Skin Care Menu

Wake up ready to walk out the door with perfect skin and perfect brows with our PMU services: Microblading and BB Glow! Rejuvenate, hydrate and treat your skin from the inside out with our microneedling or meso therapy services, which allow products to penetrate deeper into the skin and give you a healthy glow. 


Improve tone and texture, stimulate collagen and elastin, improve the appearance of fine lines and scarring, and allow products to penetrate deeper into the skin for enhanced results!


Meso Therapy

Vitamins, minerals, enzymes and plant extracts are injected into the skin to help rejuvenate and tighten skin, as well as remove excess fats. Meso therapy can also be performed to stimulate hair growth and reduce the appearance of cellulite or sagging skin!

Permanent Makeup

From perfectly shaped eyebrows to a flawless foundation, our permanent makeup treatments are incredible. Book a free consultation today to find out more about these amazing treatment options!

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Image by Christopher Stark


45 minutes

Using multiple micro needles to create microscopic punctures to the skin, allowing product to seep deeper into the layers of the skin and work its magic. This treatment is great for inducing collagen and elastin production, leaving you with firm and smooth skin! Ask us about our Laser Facial promotional deal!


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Image by Christopher Stark

Meso Therapy

1 hour

This treatment consists of multiple micro injections of vitamins, extracts, serums, and enzymes to rejuvenate and tighten skin, remove access fats, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. It's also a great option for thinning hair as it helps to rejuvenate the follicles and grow thicker, stronger hairs.


Image by Christopher Stark

BB Glow Permanent Makeup

1 hour

Tired for applying foundation everyday and ending up with creases or a "cakey" look? BB Glow or "Glass Skin" is a treatment you'll be glad you purchased! By placing light-reflecting pigments into the upper layer of skin, you will have a natural looking foundation without the hassle or expense of makeup products!


BB Blow.jpg
Image by Christopher Stark

Microblading Permanent Makeup 

2-3 hours

By placing pigment into the upper layer of the skin, we create fine, hair-like strokes to mimic a natural brow hair. Perfect for thinning or over tweezed brows, or to minimize time spent in the morning creating that perfect brow shape. (Price includes first touch up appointment)


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